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Fulfillment Operations Manager

Experienced Leader Wanted to Manage Our Fulfillment Operations

If you are hard working, results driven and looking for a stimulating and autonomous position with a good pay, benefits and opportunity for growth ,then this will be the most exciting post you read today.

Here’s why…

My name is Violet Stoyneva. I’m the Operations Manager of Fisico – a natural health company that sells supplements and information products nationwide.  I’m currently looking for a proactive problem solver to lead our fulfillment team and take ownership of all fulfillment operations for our growing business.  Here is our current setup:

  • We sell directly to the consumer online and through our call center.
  • We ship about 300-500 small packages daily. These are mostly dietary supplements with some books as well.
  • Most packages are under 1lb.
  • The hours of operation are 9am – 5pm with a USPS pick-up at 3:30 pm daily. The fulfillment center is closed on weekends and six federal holidays.
  • The volume spikes significantly on Mondays when we fulfill three days worth of orders. It also spikes durings sales and promotional periods. It is not uncommon to have 2-3K orders on a heavy day.
  • Most importantly, our product line and sales volume are both rapidly growing. We ship on average 10-15K orders per month and anticipate that this number will grow to 25,000 and above starting January 2020.
  • The current team includes a hands-on manager/team leader that is in charge of the daily operations, as well as 6-7 full and part-time fulfillment associates.
  • We ship exclusively with USPS at the moment.
  • Our shipping software is ShipStation through Stamps.com. We are looking to migrate to ShipWorks.

We are looking to team up our current team leader with an ops manager who can both handle the daily operations but also be responsible for setting up and directing processes as we grow. The operations manager is needed to implement directives from the company leadership team. He/she will be the sole person in charge of all fulfillment operations.   Here’s what this means (what you’ll be doing):

  • Ensuring that the daily fulfillment is a streamlined process with optimal efficiency and accuracy. Here’s what this means: All orders are shipped on time with no errors in fulfillment and no waste in materials, human  or other resources.
  • Generate and analyze multiple reports related to daily, monthly and yearly operations (e.g. packages shipped, packages returned, products returned to stock, cost per package shipped, etc.).
  • Lead the current team and be responsible for staffing and scheduling, hiring, onboarding, motivating and terminating team members.
  • Constantly optimize our processes to reduce errors while meeting (and improving) KPIs.
  • Inventory management (receiving new deliveries and a monthly reconciliation).
  • Supply chain logistics. We place orders for our supplements on a 1-2 month basis. You will be responsible for contacting our suppliers and organizing shipments of raw ingredients to the manufacturer, negotiating rates and terms, and timing the delivery of the finished product to meet our sales needs.
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance. We follow strict cGMP regulations for Holding and Distributing Dietary Supplements. Our SOPS and training manuals need to be kept up-to-date and adhered to.
  • Maintain the equipment (printers and computers).
  • Negotiate rates with carriers. We do quarterly reviews of our shipping practices and account for any price changes in services or material.
  • Determine the best shipping option when new products are introduced. You need to be able to set up automation rules for the best shipping practices which includes the optimal carrier, service, and packaging material to be used.
  • Assisting your teammates with packaging. While this is primarily a supervisor position, you will also be required to participate in the daily fulfillment of orders… especially when volume is high.

This position is perfect for you if…

  • You are analytical and love logistics.
  • You are proactive and a problem-solver by nature. You seek the solution prior to asking the question.
  • You are able to handle duties in a smart, organized, professional, and can-do-anything attitude.
  • You are great at organizing disorganized people
  • You are resourceful and thrive on progress. This is a fast growing company and environment. You have to be quick on your feet when emergencies arise. Here are a few examples: a broken printer, a new split test where the shipping template needs to be adjusted for every other order, a delivery has arrived a day earlier than expected, etc.
  • Although the daily fulfillment might appear repetitive, no day is quite like the one before. Most importantly, as the company grows, the volume and complexity of fulfillment increases accordingly.
  • You enjoy autonomy. While you’ll be meeting with me about once per week to review metrics, for the most part, you and your teammates will be working on your own without anyone looking over your shoulder. And although we operate from multiple locations, everyone in the company is easily reachable via Skype, Email, or text/call, so you can get in touch at any point if an issue arises or you need assistance.
  • You have good leadership skills and enjoy managing your small team.. We pride ourselves in only working with people who are hardworking and internally motivated. Nevertheless, as a manager, you will need to make sure your team remains productive and your daily, weekly, and monthly metrics are met.
  • You’re results-oriented, have high standards, and hold yourself (as well as your teammates) accountable. As mentioned above, you have a lot of freedom to get your job done. But at the end of the day, we track and measure just about everything in our company. And we’re always striving to improve procedures and processes.
  • You’re neat and prefer things to be organized. This is critical as we’re constantly receiving new products and packaging materials. Space can become an issue very fast if everything’s not tidy.
  • You like staying active and hate being chained to a desk. This role requires you to frequently move about the warehouse. Plus, when you’re at the computer, you can choose to stand as you’ll be working on a motorized standing desk.
  • You have no problem lifting and carrying things around (nothing a reasonably fit person can’t handle – e.g. bringing a 20 lb. box from the storage room to the assembly counter and pulling a delivery pallet from our loading dock when we receive more inventory).
  • You’re pretty good with computers as you’ll be working with various online platforms (e.g. Shipstation, Infusionsoft) as well as the Microsoft Office Suite. So, some level of tech-savviness is a must. You must have a good knowledge of Excel and be able to run calculations.

Think you fit the bill? Great. Then here are a few more things you should know before applying…

This is a full-time position (~40 hours per week; Monday through Friday). We offer health and dental insurance. Our PTO includes ten days vacation, six federal holidays and paid sick time. Finally, you’ll enjoy free lunches on days when shipping exceeds a certain volume.  Well, that about covers it. To apply for this position, fill out a short Google form and let us know you’re interested:

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Violet Stoyneva
Operations Manager
Fisico Inc.