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Fulfillment Associate

Fun and Easy-Going Part-Time Work For A Dependable, Self-Governing Person

If you’re looking for a part-time position that:

  • Let’s you “tune out the world” for a few hours per week
  • Puts some extra cash in your pocket
  • And at the same time, helps others get healthy and fit…


…then this will be the most exciting post you read today. Here’s why…

My name is Violet Stoyneva. I’m the Operations Manager of Fisico – a natural health company that sells supplements and nutrition programs nationwide. I’m currently looking for a dependable, detailed-oriented, and caring person to join our team.

You would be working out of our serene Westford office fulfilling orders and making sure our customers receive their packages on time. The job is easy but it’s vital to be timely. So again, dependability and attention to detail are a MUST.

Let me tell you a little more about the position…

This a part-time position, a few days per week. The current available hours are Monday 10am to 4pm, Wednesday 10am – 2pm and Friday 10am – 2pm. The hours are somewhat flexible but you’d need to be available between the late morning and early afternoon (e.g. 10AM-2PM; 10AM-4PM). Pickups by the USPS are between 4PM and 5PM so all packages must be ready by then.

As far as the actual work goes, you’d be putting books, DVDs, and supplements into bubble mailers and boxes, sealing the containers, and applying the supplied labels. Once finished, a count would be made to ensure no orders “slipped through the cracks”.

Finally, you’d load the packages into a large container for pickup by the USPS. You’d wrap up the day by re-stocking various items and ensuring your workspace is clean (throwing out used packaging material and vacuuming from time to time).

That’s it in a nutshell. That said, there are a few details worth mentioning…

You’d be standing for a good portion of the time… so, if you like staying active and burning extra calories throughout the day, this is right up your alley. On the other hand, if you prefer the elevator over a couple flights of stairs, this position is probably not for you.

Next, a bit of lifting is required. However, it’s nothing a reasonably fit person can’t handle (e.g. bringing a 20 lb. box from the storage room to the assembly counter and pulling a delivery pallet from our loading dock when we receive more inventory).

Again, it’s nothing a reasonably fit person can’t handle. If you can lift a 20 lb. box over your head and put it on a shelf… this job will be a cinch.

Finally, (and as you’ve probably gathered by now) this is a repetitive task. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, if you like to “tune out” and “do your thing” for a couple of hours a day, you’ll find this job very relaxing.

OK… if you’re still reading this, there’s a chance you’re a good fit for this position. So, let me know by filling out the application at the link below:

Click the button to apply for the position (link will take you to a Google form):

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Violet Stoyneva
Operations Manager
Fisico Inc.