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Business Apprentice

Wanted for a Booming Natural Health Company

We are looking for highly driven self-learner to join our growing natural health company: nothing short of an A-player who thrives on success and feeds on progress.

This is a unique opportunity to get on board with a team of very successful high performers in a booming business.

What You’ll Be Doing:

You will work alongside the company executives and aid in their daily tasks. You will wear many hats and plug into all aspects of the business. All of the tasks and duties assigned will be under the direct supervision of the company owner and right hand.

My name is Violet Stoyneva and I am the Operations Manager at Fisico. We are a web-based, natural health company that develops and markets information products and supplements. And we are looking for a rock star assistant to join our management team.

This is a unique opportunity that is best described as a business apprenticeship. No matter what the actual daily tasks are, no matter how mundane or secretarial some duties, this position is truly about molding you into mini operations manager and business executive. It is about growth and progress.

To give you a good idea of what the job involves, I could present to you a laundry list of tasks and daily duties that you will be responsible for if you step into this role. These include document filing, emails filtering, responding to voicemails, updating documents, etc., etc… The list goes on. But I will try to do a little better than this. I want you to stop for a moment and let your imagination take you into our office and daily routine. See how it feels. Can you see yourself in this position?

Here is an example of a busy day:

You come to the office at 9 am. The owner is already here as he likes to start work as early as 5 am and get most of his productive hours in the morning. He is friendly but not very chatty at this time of day. He is involved in writing, thinking and in his won head really. You check your calendar, notes and projects and at 9:15 you have a huddle with me. This meeting lasts 5-10 minutes and is the time then YOU direct us about important reminders, things that must be done by the days’ end, updates, etc.

You proceed to your to-do list for the day. You check your email and mark any messages that need a response sooner than later. Any urgent emails are replied to right away. The rest are left for later.

You spend the next 2-3 hours working on an ongoing project. This could be anything administrative. For example, you could be generating monthly reports with visual graphs and raw data analysis. You could be proof reading a publication or sorting through candidates from our ongoing job applications. On some days, you will be given a new task during the morning huddle. Something that has come up and neither me nor the owner has time in our schedules to address it.

Half and hour before lunch, you return to your inbox and address any review waiting there. You take lunch when hungry or step out to get some fresh air or a walk if needed.

In the summer we have tables with umbrellas in a quiet sunny area in front of the building. It is like a trendy coffee shop but without the people and noise.

You get your Vitamin D, nutrition, fresh air, a call with a friend and are back to the office when recharged but not later than an hour.

Now is time for the busy work. This block is reserved for calls, tying up loose ends, tidying up the office if needed. You touch base with other members of the team via Skype and assist with any small projects they might have.

The owner is now chatty. He will discuss things that excite him about the business: a new breakthrough we’ve had; a really good result from our marketing efforts; feedback from customers on one of our products. He will review reports with you and discuss to troubleshoot any red flags on these.

You follow-up on any small tasks that I have emailed you about. You spend time in our productivity management tool, and update milestones and deadlines. In the afternoon, you also spend another 2-3 hour block on a long-term project.

At 4 pm, you have an end of day huddle with me during which we discuss any ongoing issues and you receive directives for the next steps moving forward. You update all of these in our project management tool.

Before you leave, you do a self-evolution. How did your day go? Did you complete everything you intended to? What about the rest of the team? What could you have done better that day to make yourself and the team more efficient? You write this down in your daily work journal and prepare your to-do list for the next day.

You step out of the office and two doors down the hall, you have our gym. You can stay and work out or you can drive home and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you had a productive day, you helped drive the company forward and you are an integral part of our core managerial team. You look forward to coming back tomorrow morning but for now, your mind is off. You can truly “switch off” and enjoy things that you are passionate about.

Let me bring you back to the job ad. As you are reading this, can you imagine being that person? Did you notice how independent this position is? You are really expected to be professional and have the time-management skills of a business executive.

Now, before you read on, a word of warning….

This job is not for everyone.

Please read every word of this post. At the end, if you are not sure you can make the cut, move on to the next post. This job is not for you. This position is for the candidate who feels every word was written for them.

So how are we different?

In regulars jobs, you usually learns skill associated with the work performed. These eventually end up in a long list of competencies on your resume for your next job search. And in all honesty…

…competent people for an administrative position a dime a dozen.

We are not looking for “skilled”, “experienced”, or ”very good at the job at hand”. That’s because, without the drive to succeed and make a better version of yourself every day, you will not be happy here.

Think of this position as a mini MBA equivalent.

You will learn, by association and hands on, the ins and outs of a thriving business, mass marketing, logistics, strategic planning, employee relations, publishing and distribution among others. Not to mention you will have a front seat at one of the fastest growing advertising companies in the country.

But most of all, the true value of this opportunity lies in associating yourself with A-players and aligning your standards of yourself with theirs.

How many people do you interface with personally and professionally, on a daily basis, who have high goals and aspirations and who push you to be the best version of yourself?

If you are like most people, you are surrounded by nothing but mediocrity, your average job and your average input that produces your average output.

To achieve exceptional results in life and business, you need to be an A-player and you need to surround yourself with high-performers who think big and take “it can’t be done” as “it must be done”.

So, what separates a high-performer from the regular competent work bee?

First and foremost, we have high standards for ourselves and we expect nothing less from anyone who represents us. This means high personal and professional goals. If you intent is to get a job so you can pay your bills, this job will leave you drained at the end of each day. You will sweat in your bed on Sunday night knowing that the workweek is starting yet again.

If you, however, feed on progress and love to soak up knowledge and expand your skillset, this job will be the most rewarding position you’ve most likely had and here’s why.

Here IS What You’ll Enjoy From Us:

Now, I could fill this section up with things like a competitive salary, health benefits, generous PTO, education compensation, performance bonus. As a prospective candidate, these things are obviously very important to you (and, yes, we’re offering all of the above). But you’ll find that at any company that’s at least halfway decent. Instead, let me show you what really makes us unique…

First and foremost: we operate as a startup – while at the same time being very well capitalized (with strong year over year revenue growth and profits). That means you get all the benefits of working in an intimate environment while enjoying the security and stability of a larger corporate setting…

…a setting that otherwise lacks agility, moves slow, and rarely values individual input the way a smaller, more nimble company does. More specifically:

  • You have freedom and control of the design choices related to your work
  • Your input is valued and acted upon
  • You get to see your projects take shape and impact people’s health and lives through the products you ultimately help sell

And all this without worrying if that next round of funding will go through (or if you’ll be out of a job one or two years down the road).


You’ll be working in a very supportive team and culture of other high-performers who like to get things done, hold themselves accountable, and help each other wherever possible.

What’s more is we foster a culture that supports and nurtures your need to learn, grow, and challenge yourself to be the best you can possibly be.

Last but not least, our physical location is exceptional – a place you’ll love coming to on a daily basis. You can learn more by visiting our website (fisicoinc.com). But let me take a moment to paint you a picture…

We’re in beautiful Westford, surrounded by woods, in a place known as the Abbot Mill. It’s a historic landmark that was recently converted to apartments and a couple of office spaces.

We occupy one of those spaces. The high ceilings and exposed brick will make you feel like you’re somewhere in Manhattan. A few steps from our door you’ll find a foosball table, pool table, and a small gym – perfect outlets for blowing off steam and thinking through a problem

Turn slight to the right and you’ve just entered a fully functional movie theater (sits 20).

Go a bit further and you’ll be in our kitchen, stocked with coffee and tea. Take a seat. Relax and enjoy your lunch. Think about it…

Isn’t it great to be working in this unique environment? It’s like you’re in some Back Bay brownstone… but without the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, even if you’re actually coming from the city, you’re looking at a reverse commute. That means, no getting stuck in traffic. And we’re mere minutes from 495.

So how do you know if this is for you?

To start, if you feel a little knot in your stomach right now, that unpleasant feeling that makes you want to skip your next meal, don’t even waste time to think about it. Trust your gut and trust me, it is NOT for you. The person who fits this position at this point has an elevated heartbeat and is looking for the Apply button.

That said, please take the self-assessment quiz below and make sure that you are…

…The Person Who Is Going To Knock This Out Of The Park.

  • Can you follow instructions from written procedures, acing a task from the first time?
  • Do you have high energy and wake up excited for the day ahead or do you dread the alarm and live for the weekend?
  • Are you discreet? Can you handling very sensitive information including financials, HR and payroll data?
  • Do you own up to your own mistakes or are you a fan of excuses for underperformance?
  • Can you take criticism? Or does your heart flicker if the report you spend hours working on is now gone and deleted from trash because it wasn’t good enough and now you need to start all over?
  • Do you go above and beyond of what’s expected or do you do the minimal job required and somewhere in between?
  • Are you able to analyze your own work and call a spade a spade or do you rely on others to grade your performance?
  • Are you honest with yourself when the job does not meet the mark and are you (wo)man enough to own up to your own downfalls?
  • Are you a wiz at organizing? I am not talking your regular secretarial neat and cute. You have to able to bring military standard document and file organization.
  • Are you a tough cookie or meek of heart? Our team is courteous, friendly and supportive. However, we leave little room for political correctness, cushions, save spaces or time for “did that hurt your feelings” talks. And we expect you to represent us accordingly when interfacing with employees, partners, affiliates and other parties. You need to posses self-confidence, be assertive and portray the same assertiveness as the company leaders.
  • Do you always keep your word and follow through on commitments? Or are you the type that speaks without much thought to what was promised and said?
  • How are you with numbers? Do they confuse you or do you see colors and hear music when you look at a data set because you understand its meaning and implications?
  • Do you dot your i’s and cross your t’s? How about an empty space that shouldn’t be there? We are fanatics about writing skills and require perfect English grammar and writing.

Still reading? Good. If haven’t clicked away way yet, you might actually be the person that this job post was written for. It’s time to click the Apply button below and convince us likewise.